Friday, October 27, 2006

Free Candy Hunt

A personal invitation to you from Jeffery-James Halvorson at Orange Cars.

We are celebrating the 2nd anniversary of our new location and wish to thank the community by having a safe Halloween themed function for children 13 and under. Because last years All-You-Can-Eat Sardine event didn’t bring in any customers. This year instead, WE ARE GIVING AWAY 10,000 PIECES OF CANDY in an all you can grab candy hunt Friday October 26th at 7:30PM.

If only one kid showed up, took it all, and ate 1 piece a day, he would not finish till March 25, in the year 2031! This is a lot of candy. Total this candy weighs over 5596 ounces or 350 pounds. Free Great Pumpkin Candy Hunt at Orange Cars

Filling the back of this Toyota, Jeffery-James displays the candy that will be givin away!

We need your help advertising it as we spent all our money on candy! Please tell all your friends that have kids and forward this in an email to everyone in western Montana, as it is on the night before the Griz-Idaho game and many fans will be in Missoula. (Idaho fans will be wrapped in toilet paper but their kids can still hunt for candy.)

Thanks for your support making this special event for children, and if you have space put up one of our flyers! Stop by the lot and pick one up or call and we will bring you some.

If you would like to help out, or donate prizes, more candy or decorations call Jeffrey-James Halvorson at 370-5466 or email at Thanks
More Info below.

Free Great Pumpkin Candy Hunt at Orange Cars

When: Friday, October 26th at 7:30 p.m.

What is it: A free Halloween themed candy hunt similar to an Easter egg hunt for kids 13 and under. It will take place at a car dealership at night under parking lot lights but it is recommended to bring a flashlight for better visibility and for safety walking to the lot. Half the lot will be roped off and littered with 10,000 pieces of candy and hopefully some prizes and gift certificates from other local businesses. Some of the candy will be hidden in a big piles of straw. At 7:30 PM we will allow the kids to grab (no running) as much candy as they can. We will have flashing lights, scary music playing, decorated cars, and scary art hopefully made by local students.

Who’s it for: Children 13 and under supervised by a parent or chaperone.

Where: Orange Cars 3172 Brooks St Missoula Mt. Near Southgate Mall, Across form Checker Auto Parts

What to bring: We expect it to be dark and cold, so bundle the kids up and bring a little flashlight and candy toting bag or bucket.

We are asking parents to supervise their children and tell them not to run, push, or shove to get candy, and please inspect candy and make sure its safe for them to eat. Also the office will be locked for security reasons and no restrooms will be available, and vehicles will not be available for test drives and will not be moved. Safety is our main concern and we must insist parents and children enter at their own risk. Come get you share of the Candy!!!

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