Sunday, September 16, 2007

Looking for volunteers!!

The hunt is on!!!! WE ARE GIVING AWAY 10,000 PIECES OF CANDY in an all you can grab candy hunt Friday October 26th at 7:30PM 2007 at Orange Cars 3172 Brooks St. in Missoula.

What is it: A free Halloween themed candy hunt similar to an Easter egg hunt for kids 13 and under. It will take place at a car dealership at night under parking lot lights but it is recommended to bring a flashlight for better visibility and for safety walking to the lot. The lot will be roped off and littered with 10,000 pieces of candy and hopefully some prizes and gift certificates from other local businesses. Some of the candy will be hidden in a big piles of straw, some will be given out tricker-treat style. At 7:30 PM we will allow the kids to grab (no running) as much candy as they can..

We expect it to be dark and cold, so bundle the kids up and bring a little flashlight and candy toting bag or bucket. The parking lot lights will be on and we will have scary music playing.

We are looking forward to the second annual great pumpkin candy hunt!! Once again Monte will be showing up to help kids find candy!

We need your help advertising it as we spent all our money on candy! Please tell all your friends that have kids and forward this in an email to everyone in western Montana,

Thanks for your support making this special event for children, and if you have space put up one of our flyers! Stop by the lot and pick one up or call and we will bring you some.If you would like to help out, or donate prizes, more candy or decorations call Jeffrey-James Halvorson at 370-5466 or email at Thanks More Info below.

Free Great Pumpkin Candy Hunt at Orange Cars

Looking for sponsors!! volunteers!!

Promote your business at this years event, call us and we'll provide free booth space as long as you give something to the kids during the hunt, coupons, food or drinks from your resturant, candy or something.

If you would like to help with this years event please contact me. email me

If you have extra, corn stalks, pumpkins, straw bales, will would like to have them, we my even be able to pay for them to if you can cut us a deal!!!
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